Michael Bowen
Pseudonym: Hillary Bell Locke

Michael Anthony Bowen grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. He lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his family. He was an author and trial lawyer practicing in Milwaukee. He is the creator of:
1. 'Thomas Andrew Curry and Sandrine Cadette', amateur sleuths in 1960s New York City.
2. 'Josie Kendall', a Washington, D.C. insider who gets caught up in some dangerous political intrigue.
3. 'Richard Michaelson and Marjorie Randolph', a retired foreign service officer and a Washington bookstore owner.
4. 'Rep and Melissa Pennyworth', a lawyer and a graduate student in Literature in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Thomas Andrew Curry and Sandrine Cadette' Novels
 1) Badger Game  1989
 2) Fielder's Choice  1991
 3) Act of Faith  1993
 'Josie Kendall' Novels
 1) Damage Control  2016
 2) False Flag in Autumn  2019
 'Richard Michaelson and Marjorie Randolph' Novels
 1) Washington Deceased  1990
 2) Faithfully Executed  1992
 3) Corruptly Procured  1994
 4) Worst Case Scenario  1996
 5) Collateral Damage  1999
 'Rep and Melissa Pennyworth' Novels
 1) Screenscam  2001
 2) Unforced Error  2004
 3) Putting Lipstick on a Pig  2006
 4) Shoot the Lawyer Twice  2008
 5) Service Dress Blues  2009
 Other Novels
 1) The Fourth Glorious Mystery  2000
 As 'Hillary Bell Locke'
 1) But Remember Their Names  2011
 2) Jail Coach  2012
 3) Collar Robber  2015