Elliott Chaze

Lewis Elliott Chaze was born in Mamou, Louisiana. He was an author and journalist. He worked in New Orleans and Denver before settling in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where he wrote for the Hattiesburg American and later became its City Editor. He is the creator of 'Kiel St. James and Orson Boles', a newspaper editor and a Chief of Detectives in a small Alabama town.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Kiel St. James and Orson Boles' Novels
 1) Goodbye Goliath  1983
 2) Mr. Yesterday (UK Title: The Catherine Murders [1986])  1984
 3) Little David  1985
 Other Novels
 1) Black Wings Has My Angel (Also published as: One for My Money [1962]; and as: One for the Money [1985])  1953
 2) Wettermark  1969