Jonathan Escott
Pseudonym: Jack S. Scott

Jonathan Escott was born and grew up in London. He was an actor and singer before he became a writer. He is the creator of:
1. 'Peter Parsons', a Detective Chief Inspector (under the pseudonym 'Jack S. Scott').'
2. 'Alf Rosher', a Detective Sergeant and later a Detective Inspector in a small town (under the pseudonym 'Jack S. Scott').


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Peter Parsons' Novels (as Jack S. Scott)
 1) A Time of Fine Weather  1984
 2) A Little Darling  1985
 'Alf Rosher' Novels (as Jack S. Scott)
 1) The Poor Old Lady's Dead  1976
 2) The Shallow Grave  1977
 3) A Clutch of Vipers  1979
 4) The Gospel Lamb  1980
 5) A Distant View of Death (US Title: The View from Deacon Hill [1981])  1981
 6) The Local Lads  1982
 7) An Uprush of Mayhem  1982
 8) All the Pretty People  1983
 9) A Death in Irish Town  1984
10) A Knife Between the Ribs  1986
 Other Novels
 1) A Better Class of Business (US Title: The Bastard's Name Was Bristow [1977])  1976
 2) A Walk in Dead Man's Wood  1978
 3) Corporal Smithers  1983
 Other Novels (as Jonathan Escott)
 1) Landfall in Sefton Carey  1976