Liz Evans
Pseudonym: Patricia Grey

Liz Evans was born in Highgate. She now lives in Hertfordshire. She is the creator of:
1. 'Grace Smith', a private investigator.
2. 'Jack Stamford and Sarah McNeill', a Detective Chief Inspector and a Detective Sergeant in England during World War II (under the pseudonym 'Patricia Grey').


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Grace Smith' Novels
 1) Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?  1997
 2) JFK Is Missing! (Also published as e-book: Blindsided [2014])  1998
 3) Don't Mess with Mrs. In-Between (Also published as e-book: Heir Apparent [2015])  2000
 4) Barking! (Also published as e-book: The Coldest Case [2015])  2001
 5) Sick As a Parrot (Also published as e-book: Prime Suspect [2015])  2004
 6) Cue the Easter Bunny (Also published as e-book: Caught in the Act [2015])  2005
'Jack Stamford and Sarah McNeill' Novels (as 'Patricia Grey')
 1) Junction Cut  1994
 2) Balaclava Row  1995
 3) Good Hope Station  1997
 4) Cutter's Wharf  1998