Candice Fox

Candice Fox was born in Bankstown, Sydney, Australia. She also writes together with James Patterson. She is the creator of:
1. 'Frank Bennett and Eden Archer', homicide detectives in Sydney.
2. 'Ted Conkaffey', a homicide detective in Sydney who resigns when he is accused of murder.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Frank Bennett and Eden Archer' Novels
 1) Hades (Ned Kelly Award)  2014
 2) Eden (Ned Kelly Award)  2014
 3) Fall  2015
 'Ted Conkaffey' Novels
 1) Crimson Lake  2017
 2) Redemption Point  2018
 Other Novels
 1) Never Never (with James Patterson)  2016
 2) Fifty Fifty (with James Patterson)  2017
 3) Liar Liar (with James Patterson)  2018
 4) Gone by Midnight  2019
 5) Hush Hush (with James Patterson)  2019
 6) The Inn (with James Patterson)  2019