Dimitri Gat
Pseudonym: C.K. Cambray

Dimitri Vsevolod Gat was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an author and university librarian. He is the creator of 'Yuri Nevsky', a private investigator in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Yuri Nevsky' Novels
 1) Nevsky's Return  1982
 2) Nevsky's Demon  1983
 3) The Romanov Cache  2006
 Other Novels
 1) Child's Cry  1995
 As 'C.K. Cambray'
 1) Where Is Crystal Martin?  1988
 2) Personal (UK Title: Murder Among the Personal Ads [1991])  1990
 3) Conditioned to Death  1992
 4) Programmed for Peril  1993