Wes Markin

Wes Markin grew up in Manchester. He currently lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire with his family. He is an author and teacher. He is the creator of:
1. 'Michael Yorke', a Detective Chief Inspector in Wiltshire.
2. 'Jake Pettman', an ex-Detective Sergeant in Blue Falls, Maine, USA.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Michael Yorke' Novels
 1) A Lesson in Crime (e-story; prequel to the series)  2019
 2) One Last Prayer for the Rays  2019
 3) The Repenting Serpent  2019
 4) The Silence of Severance  2019
 5) Rise of the Rays  2020
 6) Dance with the Reaper  2020
 7) Christmas with the Conduit  2020
 'Jake Pettman' Novels
 1) The Killing Pit  2021
 2) Fire in Bone  2021
 3) Blue Falls  Due October 2021