Margaret Murphy
Pseudonyms: Ashley Dyer (with Helen Pepper) and A.D. Garrett (with Dave Barclay)

Margaret Murphy was born in Liverpool. She is an author and former biology teacher. She divides her time between freelance work as a dyslexic tutor and writing. She is the creator of:
1. 'Nick Fennimore and Kate Simms', a forensic expert and a Detective Chief Inspector (under the pseudonym 'A.D. Garrett', with former forensic scientist Professor Dave Barclay).
2. 'Greg Carver and Ruth Lake', a Detective Inspector and a Detective Sergeant in Liverpool (under the pseudonym 'Ashley Dyer', with policing and forensics expert Helen Pepper).
3. 'Jeff Rickman', a Detective Chief Inspector in Liverpool.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Nick Fennimore and Kate Simms' Novels (as 'A.D. Garrett', with Dave Barclay)
 1) Everyone Lies  2013
 2) Believe No One  2014
 3) Truth Will Out  2016
 'Greg Carver and Ruth Lake' Novels (as 'Ashley Dyer', with Helen Pepper)
 1) Splinter in the Blood  2018
 2) The Cutting Room  2019
 'Jeff Rickman' Novels
 1) The Dispossessed (Also published as: See Her Burn [2020])  2004
 2) Now You See Me (Also published as: See Her Die [2020])  2005
 3) Don't Scream  2020
 Other Novels
 1) Goodnight, My Angel (Also published as: Dear Mum [2020])  1996
 2) The Desire of the Moth (Also published as: The Darkest Hours [2021])  1997
 3) Caging the Tiger (Also published as: Her Husband's Killer [2020])  1998
 4) Past Reason (Also published as: The Lost Boy [2020])  1999
 5) Dying Embers  2000
 6) Darkness Falls  2002
 7) Weaving Shadows  2003
 8) Before He Kills Again  2020