Kin Platt
Pseudonym: Kirby Carr

Kin Platt was born in New York City. He was an author, painter, sculptor, caricaturist, and comics artist. He also wrote mystery novels for children and young adults. He is the creator of:
1. 'Max Roper', a Los Angeles-based operative for a nationwide private investigation and security firm.
2. 'Mike Ross', a Korean and Vietnam veteran who works as a detective by day and as a hitman by night (under the pseudonym 'Kirby Carr').


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Max Roper' Novels
 1) The Kissing Gourami  1970
 2) The Pushbutton Butterfly  1970
 3) The Princess Stakes Murder  1973
 4) The Giant Kill  1974
 5) Match Point for Murder  1975
 6) The Body Beautiful Murder  1976
 7) The Screwball King Murder  1978
 'Mike Ross' Novels (as 'Kirby Carr')
 1) Who Killed You, Cindy Castle?  1974
 2) Let Me Kill You Sweetheart!  1974
 3) The Girls Who Came to Murder  1974
 4) They're Coming to Kill You, Jane!  1975
 5) You Die Next, Jill Baby!  1975
 6) Don't Bet on Living, Alice!  1975
 7) You're Hired, You're Dead  1975
 Other Novels
 1) Dead As They Come  1972
 2) A Pride of Women  1974
 3) Murder in Rosslare  1986
 As 'Kirby Carr'
 1) The Impossible Spy  1976