Ann Quinton

Ann Quinton was born in Ipswich. She lives in Kirton, Suffolk with her husband. She is an author, painter, and a freelance pianist. She is the creator of:
1. 'James Roland and Patrick Mansfield', a Detective Inspector and a Detective Sergeant in Suffolk.
2. 'Nick Holroyd', a Detective Inspector in Dorset.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'James Roland and Patrick Mansfield' Novels
 1) To Mourn a Mischief  1989
 2) Death of a Dear Friend  1990
 3) A Fatal End  1992
 4) The Sleeping and the Dead  1994
 5) A Little Grave  1994
 6) Some Foul Play  1997
 'Nick Holroyd' Novels
 1) This Mortal Coil  1998
 2) Put Out the Light  2000
 3) Bought with Blood  2001
 Other Novels
 1) Storm Islands  1985
 2) The Ragusa Theme  1986