Ivan Roe
Pseudonym: Richard Savage

Ivan George William Roe was born in Brentford, London. He is the creator of 'Dr. Ferenc', a psychoanalyst-detective who investigates strange manifestations (under the pseudonym 'Richard Savage').


Titles and year of publication:  

'Dr. Ferenc' Novels (as 'Richard Savage')
 1) Murder for Fun  1947
 2) The Horrible Hat  1948
 3) The Poison and the Root  1950
Other Novels
 1) The Salamander Touch  1952
As 'Richard Savage'
 1) Murder Goes to School  1946
 2) When the Moon Died  1955
 3) The Lightning's Eye  1957
 4) Strangers' Meeting  1957
 5) The Innocents  1958