S.J. Rozan
Pseudonym: Sam Cabot (with Carlos Dews)

Pseudonym of Shira Judith Rosan. She was born in New York. She is an architect in New York. She has also written numerous short stories and in 2007 she wrote the fourth chapter of the serial thriller The Chopin Manuscript which was issued as an audiobook. She is the creator of 'Lydia Chin and Bill Smith', two private investigators. Rozan also writes together with Carlos Dews under the pseudonym 'Sam Cabot'. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Lydia Chin and Bill Smith' Novels
 1) China Trade  1994
 2) Concourse (Shamus Award)  1995
 3) Mandarin Plaid  1996
 4) No Colder Place (Anthony Award)  1997
 5) A Bitter Feast  1998
 6) Stone Quarry  1999
 7) Reflecting the Sky (Shamus Award)  2001
 8) Winter and Night (Edgar Award, Macavity Award, Maltese Falcon Award of Japan, Nero Award)  2002
 9) The Shanghai Moon  2009
10) On the Line  2010
11) Ghost Hero (Dilys Award)  2011
12) Paper Son  2019
13) The Art of Violence  2020
Other Novels
 1) Absent Friends  2004
 2) In This Rain  2006
 3) A Tale About a Tiger and Other Mysterious Events (short stories)  2009
As 'Sam Cabot' (with Carlos Dews)
 1) Blood of the Lamb  2013
 2) Skin of the Wolf  2014