William Shaw

George William Shaw was born in Newton Abbot, Devon. He is an author and journalist. He is the creator of:
1. 'Cathal Breen', a Detective Sergeant with the Marylebone CID in the 1960s.
2. 'Alexandra Cupidi', a Detective Sergeant in Kent.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Cathal Breen' Novels
 1) A Song from Dead Lips (US Title: She's Leaving Home [2014])  2013
 2) A House of Knives (US title: The Kings of London [2015])  2014
 3) A Book of Scars (US Title: A Song for the Brokenhearted [2016])  2015
 4) Sympathy for the Devil (US Title: Play with Fire [2019])  2017
 'Alexandra Cupidi' Novels
 1) The Birdwatcher  2016
 2) Salt Lane  2018
 3) Deadland  2019
 4) Grave's End  2020