Alan Williams

Alan Emlyn Williams was educated at Stowe, Grenoble and Heidelberg Universities, and at King's College, Cambridge. He was an author and former foreign correspondent. He is the creator of:
1. 'Charles Pol', a French anarchist and owner of a lingerie shop in Paris, France.
2. 'Rupert Quinn', a courier in North Africa.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Charles Pol' Novels
 1) The Tale of the Lazy Dog  1970
 2) Shah-Mak (Also published as: A Bullet for the Shah [1978])  1976
 3) Dead Secret  1980
 4) Holy of Holies  1981
'Rupert Quinn' Novels
 1) Long Run South  1962
 2) Barbouze (US Title: The False Beards [1965])  1963
Other Novels
 1) Snake Water  1965
 2) The Brotherhood (US Title: The Purity League [1969])  1968
 3) The Beria Papers  1973
 4) Gentleman Traitor  1974
 5) The Widow's War  1978