Alan Williams

Alan Emlyn Williams is a former foreign correspondent and novelist. He was educated at Stowe, Grenoble and Heidelberg Universities, and at King's College, Cambridge. He is the creator of:
1. 'Charles Pol', a French anarchist and owner of a lingerie shop in Paris, France.
2. 'Rupert Quinn', a courier in North Africa.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Charles Pol' Novels
 1) The Tale of the Lazy Dog  1970
 2) Shah-Mak (Also published as: A Bullet for the Shah [1978])  1976
 3) Dead Secret  1980
 4) Holy of Holies  1981
'Rupert Quinn' Novels
 1) Long Run South  1962
 2) Barbouze (US Title: The False Beards [1965])  1963
Other Novels
 1) Snake Water  1965
 2) The Brotherhood (US Title: The Purity League [1969])  1968
 3) The Beria Papers  1973
 4) Gentleman Traitor  1974
 5) The Widow's War  1978