Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson was born in Oakland, California. He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife. He is the creator of 'Aramis Black', a man with a violent past and owner of an espresso shop in Nashville, Tennesse. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Aramis Black' Novels
 1) The Best of Evil  2006
 2) A Shred of Truth  2007
 Other Novels
 1) Dark to Mortal Eyes  2004
 2) Expiration Date  2005
 3) Field of Blood  2008
 4) Haunt of Jackals  2009
 5) Valley of Bones  2010
 6) One Step Away  2011
 7) Two Seconds Late  2012
 8) Three Fatal Blows  2013