Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro was born in Berkeley, California. She also wrote together with Bill Fawcett under the joint pseudonym 'Quinn Fawcett'. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Ogilvie, Tallant, and Moon (Also published as: Bad Medicine [1990])  1976
 2) Music When Sweet Voices Die (Also published as: False Notes [1991])  1979
 3) Poison Fruit  1991
 4) Cat's Claw  1992
 5) Haunting Investigation  2015
 6) Brother Keeper (e-story)  2016
 7) The Case of the American Twins (e-story)  2016
 8) Sherlock Holmes Collection (contains Brother Keeper and The Case of the American Twins)  2016
 9) Living Spectres  2016