Doug Allyn

Douglas Allyn was born in Bay City, Michigan. He is a writer and a professional musician. He is the creator of:
1. 'Lupe Garcia', a homicide detective in Detroit, Michigan.
2. 'Michelle Mitchell', a diver in Huron Harbor, Michigan.
3. 'David Westbrook', a small-town veterinarian.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Lupe Garcia' Novels
 1) The Cheerio Killings  1989
 2) Motown Underground  1993
'Michelle Mitchell' Novels
 1) Icewater Mansions  1995
 2) Black Water  1996
 3) A Dance in Deep Water  1997
'David Westbrook' Novels
 1) All Creatures Dark and Dangerous (short stories)  1999
Other Novels
 1) Welcome to Wolf Country  2001
 2) The Hard Luck Klub and Other Stories (short stories)  2002
 3) The Burning of Rachel Hayes  2004
 4) Wolf Woman Bay (e-novella)  2014
 5) The Jukebox Kings  2017