D.B. Borton (Della Borton)

Pseudonym of Lynette Carpenter. She is a professor of English and she teaches composition, film, and literature at Ohio Wesleyan University. She is the creator of:
1. 'Cat Caliban', owner of a boarding house and in training to be a private detective in Cincinnati, Ohio.
2. 'Gilda Liberty', movie theater proprietor in Eden, Ohio (under the pseudonym 'Della Borton').


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Cat Caliban' Novels
 1) One for the Money  1993
 2) Two Points for Murder (Also published as: Two-Shot Foul [2005])  1993
 3) Three Is a Crowd (Also published as: Three-Ring Circus [2020])  1994
 4) Four Elements of Murder  1995
 5) Five Alarm Fire  1996
 6) Six Feet Under  1997
 7) Seventh Deadly Sin  2004
 8) Eight Miles High  2007
'Gilda Liberty' Novels (As 'Della Borton')
 1) Fade to Black  1999
 2) Freeze Frame  2000
 3) Slow Dissolve  2001
Other Novels
 1) Smoke  2017
 2) Bayou City Burning  2019