Melissa Bourbon Ramirez (Melissa Bourbon)
Pseudonym: Winnie Archer

Melissa Bourbon Ramirez was born in Southern California. She is an author and former teacher. She is the creator of:
1. 'Book Magic Mystery' series featuring Pippin Lane Hawthorne, a bibliomancer (written as 'Melissa Bourbon').
2. 'Bread Shop Mystery' series featuring Ivy Culpepper, an apprentice at Yeast of Eden (under the pseudonym 'Winnie Archer').
3. 'Foxy Ladies Mystery' series featuring Hattie Juniper Pickle and her friends, Maude, Cricket, and Lemon, amateur sleuths in the coastal island town of Devil's Cove (written as 'Melissa Bourbon').
4. 'Lola Cruz', a private investigator (partly written as 'Misa Ramirez').
5. 'Magical Dressmaking Mystery' series featuring Harlow Jane Cassidy, a dressmaker with magical talents (written as 'Melissa Bourbon').
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Book Magic Mystery' Novels (as 'Melissa Bourbon')
 1) The Secret on Rum Runner's Lane (novella)  2020
 2) Murder in Devil's Cove  2020
 3) Murder at Sea Captain's Inn  2021
 4) Murder Through an Open Door  2022
 5) Murder and an Irish Curse  2022
'Bread Shop Mystery' Novels (as 'Winnie Archer')
 1) Kneaded to Death  2017
 2) Crust No One  2017
 3) The Walking Bread  2018
 4) Flour in the Attic  2019
 5) Dough or Die  2020
 6) Death Gone A-Rye  2021
 7) A Murder Yule Regret  2021
 8) Bread Over Troubled Water  2022
'Foxy Ladies Mystery' Novels (as 'Melissa Bourbon')
 1) Love, Lies, and Lousy Exes (novella)  2023
 2) God Rest Ye Murdered Gentleman (novella)  2023
'Lola Cruz' Novels
 1) Living the Vida Lola (as 'Misa Ramirez')  2009
 2) Hasta la Vista, Lola! (as 'Misa Ramirez')  2010
 3) The Lola Cruz Christmas Story (e-story; prequel to the series)  2010
 4) Bare-Naked Lola  2012
 5) What Lola Wants (as 'Melissa Bourbon')  2019
 6) Drop Dead Lola (as 'Melissa Bourbon')  2020
 7) Lola Baby (as 'Melissa Bourbon')  2023
'Magical Dressmaking Mystery' Novels (as 'Melissa Bourbon')
 1) Pleating for Mercy  2011
 2) A Fitting End  2012
 3) Deadly Patterns  2012
 4) A Custom Fit Crime  2013
 5) A Killing Notion  2014
 6) A Seamless Murder  2015
 7) Bobbin for Answers  2023
Other Novels (as 'Melissa Bourbon')
 1) Silent Echoes  2020
 2) Silent Obsession  2020
 3) The Trouble with Hope and Glory  2022
 4) The Trouble with Pushing Up Daisies  2023