Gerald Bowman
Pseudonyms: Warder Lynk and Gerald Moore

Stanley Gerald Moore Bowman also wrote under the pseudonyms 'Warder Lynk' and 'Gerald Moore'. One of his novels features 'Sexton Blake', a detective modelled on Sherlock Holmes. See also this list for other Sexton Blake authors.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Sexton Blake' Novel
 1) The Devil's Own  1937
Other Novels
 1) The Hunchback of Hatton Garden  1934
 2) The Iron Apple  1935
 3) Pattern in Poison-Ivy  1948
 4) Sawdust Angel  1949
 5) The Quick and the Wed  1950
As 'Warder Lynk'
 1) Mystery Man of Mayfair  1935
As 'Gerald Moore'
 1) Test of Love  1932
 2) The Death Kiss  1934