Frances Brody

Pseudonym of Frances McNeil. She was born in Leeds. She worked in the USA as a secretary in Washington DC and New York. She studied at Ruskin College, Oxford and read History and English Literature at York University. She is the creator of:
1. 'Brackerley Prison Mystery' series featuring Nell Lewis, governor of HMP Brackerley in 1960s Yorkshire.
2. 'Kate Shackleton', an amateur sleuth in 1920s Britain.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Brackerley Prison Mystery' Novels
 1) A Murder Inside  2021
 'Kate Shackleton' Novels
 1) Dying in the Wool  2009
 2) A Medal for Murder  2010
 3) Murder in the Afternoon  2011
 4) A Woman Unknown  2012
 5) Murder on a Summer's Day  2013
 6) Death of an Avid Reader  2014
 7) A Death in the Dales  2015
 8) Death at the Seaside  2016
 9) Death in the Stars  2017
10) Kate Shackleton's First Case (e-story)  2018
11) A Snapshot of Murder  2018
12) The Body on the Train  2019
13) Death and the Brewery Queen (US Title: Murder Is in the Air [2020])  2020
14) A Mansion for Murder  2022