Jen J. Danna
Pseudonym: Sara Driscoll

Pseudonym of Jennifer Newton. She was born in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. She is a specialist in infectious diseases and works as Research Laboratory Manager at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. She lives near Toronto, Ontario with her husband and two daughters. She is the creator of:
1. 'Abbott and Lowell Forensic Mystery' series featuring homicide detective Leigh Abbott and forensic anthropologist Matt Lowell (with Ann Vanderlaan).
2. 'FBI K-9' series featuring Meg Jennings, an FBI Special Agent and her labrador Hawk (under the pseudonym 'Sara Driscoll', with Ann Vanderlaan as co-author for the first seven books).
3. 'NYPD Negotiators' series featuring Gemma Capello, an NYPD detective.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Abbott and Lowell Forensic Mystery' Novels (with Ann Vanderlaan)
 1) Dead Without a Stone to Tell It  2013
 2) No One Sees Me 'Til I Fall (novella)  2013
 3) A Flame in the Wind of Death  2014
 4) Two Parts Bloody Murder  2015
 5) Lament the Common Bones  2017
 'FBI K-9' Novels (as 'Sara Driscoll' with Ann Vanderlaan as co-author for the first seven books)
 1) Lone Wolf  2016
 2) Before It's Too Late  2017
 3) Storm Rising  2018
 4) No Man's Land  2019
 5) Leave No Trace  2020
 6) Under Pressure  2021
 7) Still Waters  2022
 8) That Others May Live  2023
 9) Summit's Edge  Due November 2024
 'NYPD Negotiators' Novels
 1) Exit Strategy (Also published as by 'Sara Driscoll')  2020
 2) Shot Caller (Also published as by 'Sara Driscoll')  2021
 3) Lockdown (as 'Sara Driscoll')  2024
 Other Novels (as 'Sara Driscoll')
 1) Echoes of Memory  Due July 2024