Milton Danvers

Pseudonym of James Edmond Long. He was an author and rector in White Roothing (now White Roding), Essex. He is the creator of 'Robert Spicer', the owner of a detective agency in London.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Robert Spicer' Novels
 1) The Doctor's Crime; or, Simply Horrible!  1891
 2) A Desperate Dilemma; or, An Unheard of Crime  1892
 3) The Grantham Mystery; or, Confidence and Crime  1894
 4) The Detective's Honeymoon; or, The Doctor of the "Pinjarrah"  1894
 5) Mysterious Disappearance of a Bride; or, Who Was She?  1895
 6) The Fatal Finger Mark, Rose Courtenay's First Case  1896
 Other Novels
 1) The "Lone Cross Manor" Mystery; or, Hugh Darrill's Confession  1896
 2) The Squire's Fatal Will; or, Twenty Years of Plot and Crime  1897