Joan Druett

Joan Druett was born in Nelson, New Zealand. She is an author and maritime historian. She gained a BA in English literature form the Victoria University of Wellington and worked as a teacher of biology and English literature for many years. She lives in Wellington with her husband. She also writes non-fiction books and wrote science fiction stories under the pseudonym 'Jo Friday'. She is the creator of 'Wiki Coffin', a half Maori and half American linguist on board the U.S. Exploring Expedition in the 1830s. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Wiki Coffin' Novels
 1) A Watery Grave  2004
 2) Shark Island  2005
 3) Run Afoul  2006
 4) Deadly Shoals  2007
 5) The Beckoning Ice  2013
 6) Robber Crabs (e-story)  2015
Other Novels
 1) A Love of Adventure  1988
 2) Murder at the Brian Boru  1992
 3) Daughters of the Storm  2021
 4) Storm Swept  2022