Stanley Evans (Stan Evans)

Stanley Philip Evans was born in England. In 1954, he immigrated to Canada where lives in Victoria, British Columbia. He worked as a deep-sea fisherman before becoming a writer and started his writing career by publishing stories in newspapers and magazines. He is the creator of:
1. 'Sergeant Decker', a British Columbia frontier law official in the 1860s (as 'Stan Evans').
2. 'Silas Seaweed', a Coast Salish Aboriginal street cop in Victoria, British Columbia.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Sergeant Decker' Novels (as 'Stan Evans')
 1) Outlaw Gold  1996
 2) Snow-Coming Moon  1997
 'Silas Seaweed' Novels
 1) Seaweed on the Street  2005
 2) Seaweed on Ice  2006
 3) Seaweed Under Water  2007
 4) Seaweed on the Rocks  2008
 5) Seaweed in the Soup  2009
 6) Seaweed in the Mythworld  2012