Jack Gerson

Jack Gerson was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He was an author and scriptwriter. He wrote scripts for many television shows and is the creator of The Omega Factor television series. He is the creator of 'Ernst Lohmann', a Berlin police inspector.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Ernst Lohmann' Novels
 1) Death's Head Berlin  1987
 2) Death Squad London  1989
 3) Deathwatch '39  1990
 Other Novels
 1) Man on the Crater's Edge  1972
 2) The Omega Factor (Novelization of the TV series)  1979
 3) The Assassination Run (Novelization of the TV series)  1980
 4) The Treachery Game  1981
 5) The Whitehall Sanction  1983
 6) The Back of the Tiger  1984
 7) The Evil Thereof  1991
 8) The Fetch  1993