Jaqueline Girdner
Pseudonym: Claire Daniels

Jaqueline Girdner was born and raised in California. She currently lives in Mill Valley, California with her husband. She has worked as a lawyer, a greeting card designer, an attendant in a mental hospital and a yarn store owner. She is the creator of:
1. 'Kate Jasper', an amateur sleuth in Marin County, California.
2. 'Karma Crime Mystery' series featuring Cally Lazar, an alternative healer and amateur sleuth (under the pseudonym 'Claire Daniels').
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Kate Jasper' Novels
 1) Adjusted to Death  1991
 2) The Last Resort  1991
 3) Murder Most Mellow  1992
 4) Fat-Free and Fatal  1993
 5) Tea-Totally Dead  1994
 6) A Stiff Critique  1995
 7) Most Likely to Die  1996
 8) A Cry for Self-Help  1997
 9) Death Hits the Fan  1998
10) Murder on the Astral Plane  1999
11) Murder My Deer  2000
12) A Sensitive Kind of Murder  2002
 'Cally Lazar' Novels (as Claire Daniels)
 1) Body of Intuition  2002
 2) Strangled Intuition  2004
 3) Cruel and Unusual Intuition  2005
 4) Final Intuition  2006