W.C. Hudson
Pseudonyms: Nicholas Carter (house name) and Barclay North

William Cadwalader Hudson was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He was an author and journalist. He died in Pearl River, New York.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Jack Gordon, Knight Errant  1883
 2) Vivier of Vivier  1890
 3) The Dugdale Millions  1891
 4) The Man with a Thumb  1891
 5) On the Rack  1891
 6) Should She Have Left Him?  1894
 7) An American Cavalier  1897
 8) J.P. Dunbar: A Story of Wall Street  1906
 As 'Nicholas Carter'
 1) Two Villains in One; or, Nick Carter's Open-Handedness  1902
 2) A Stroke of Policy; or, The Stolen Charter  1902
 3) Hounded to Death; or, Nick Carter's Mysterious Client  1902
 4) The Fatal Prescription; or, Tracking a Clever Poisoner  1903
 5) A Checkmated Scoundrel; or, After the Abductors  1903
 6) A Sharper's Downfall; or, Into the Net  1903
 7) A Race Track Gambler; or, Clever Swindlers (with Edward L. Stratemeyer)  1903
 8) A Blackmailer's Bluff; or, The Secret Crime (with Charles Witherle Hooke and R.F. Walsh)  1903
 9) The Council of Death; or, Nick Carter's Coup  1903
10) The Hole in the Vault; or, Nick Carter and the Bank Looters  1903
11) The Twin Mystery; or, A Dashing Rescue  1903
12) Heard in the Dark; or, The Meanest of the Mean  1903
13) Circumstantial Evidence; or, Was He Guilty  1903
14) A Mysterious Foe; or, Nick Carter Threatened (with Frederick R. Burton)  1904
15) A Villainous Scheme; or, Back from Beyond (with Frederick R. Burton)  1905
 As 'Barclay North'
 1) The Diamond Button: Whose Was It?  1889
 2) 520%; or, The Great Franklin Syndicate  1900
 3) The Stevedore Mystery; or, A Romance of Love and Crime  1900
 4) Linked to Crime; or, A Degrading Inheritance  1901