Roberta Isleib
Pseudonym: Lucy Burdette

Roberta Isleib was born in New Jersey. She is a clinical psychologist. She lives with her family in Connecticut. She is the creator of:
1. 'Advice Column Mystery' series featuring Dr. Rebecca Butterman, a clinical psychologist and author of an online advice column.
2. 'Golf Lover’s Mystery' series featuring Cassie Burdette, a golfer and amateur sleuth.
3. 'Key West Food Critic Mystery' series featuring Hayley Snow, a food critic for a Key West style magazine (under the pseudonym 'Lucy Burdette').
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Advice Column Mystery' Novels
 1) Deadly Advice  2007
 2) Preaching to the Corpse  2007
 3) Asking for Murder  2008
 'Golf Lover's Mystery' Novels
 1) Six Strokes Under  2002
 2) A Buried Lie  2003
 3) Putt to Death  2004
 4) Fairway to Heaven  2005
 5) Final Fore  2006
 'Key West Food Critic Mystery' Novels (as 'Lucy Burdette')
 1) An Appetite for Murder  2012
 2) Death in Four Courses  2012
 3) Topped Chef  2013
 4) Murder With Ganache  2014
 5) Death with All the Trimmings  2014
 6) Fatal Reservation  2015
 7) Killer Takeout  2016
 8) Death on the Menu  2018
 9) A Deadly Feast  2019
10) The Key Lime Crime  2020