Shirley Jackson

Shirley Hardie Jackson was born in San Francisco, California. She attended Syracuse University in New York, where she met her future husband Stanley Edgar Hyman. They settled in North Bennington where she remained till her death. She also wrote plays and children's books. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Road Through the Wall (Also published as: The Other Side of the Street [1956])  1948
 2) The Lottery and Other Stories (short stories)  1949
 3) Hangsaman  1951
 4) The Bird's Nest (Also published as: Lizzie [1957])  1954
 5) The Sundial  1958
 6) The Haunting of Hill House  1959
 7) We Have Always Lived in the Castle  1962
 8) The Magic of Shirley Jackson (Contains 3 novels and 11 short stories)  1966
 9) Come Along with Me (short stories)  1968
10) Just an Ordinary Day (short stories)  1996
11) The Masterpieces of Shirley Jackson (short stories)  1996
12) Shirley Jackson Collected Short Stories (short stories)  2001
13) Let Me Tell You (short stories, lectures and essays)  2015
14) Dark Tales (short stories)  2016