George C. Jenks
Pseudonym: Nicholas Carter (house name)

George Charles Jenks was born in London. In 1872, he moved to the USA where he stayed for the rest of his live. He was an author, playwright, lecturer, and newspaper reporter. He also wrote novels under the house name 'Nicholas Carter' and stories under the house name 'W.B. Lawson'.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Climax  1909
 2) The Deserters (with Anna Alice Chapin)  1911
 3) Stop Thief! (with Carlyle Moore)  1913
 As 'Nicholas Carter'
 1) Harrison Keith's Queer Clue; or, Among the "Reds"  1908
 2) Harrison Keith's Double Mystery; or, A Curious Crime  1908
 3) Harrison Keith's Chance Shot; or, A Lucky Accident  1908
 4) Harrison Keith's Lucky Strike; or, The Plot That Failed  1909
 5) The Bullion Mystery; or, Nick Carter's Case from Overseas  1914
 6) In the Toils of Fear; or, Nick Carter's Quickest Shift  1914
 7) The Just and the Unjust; or, Nick Carter's Sudden Resolution  1914
 8) Instinct at Fault; or, Chased by Fear  1914
 9) A Struggle with Destiny; or, Nick Carter's Gentle Persuader  1914
10) A Rascal of Quality; or, Outgeneraled and Beaten  1914
11) Out with the Tide; or, A Tragedy of the Sea  1914
12) The Soul Destroyers; or, Worse Than Death  1914
13) The Keeper of Black Hounds; or, A Hidden Fortune  1914
14) A Perilous Parole; or, In the Grip of Fate  1914
15) On the Ragged Edge; or, When Crooks Gather  1914
16) One Object in Life; or, Harrowed by Remorse  1914
17) As a Crook Sows; or, An Elusive Clew  1915
18) Held in Suspense; or, Nick Carter's Flareback  1915
19) Just One Slip; or, Nick Carter's Best Guess  1915
20) To the Ends of the Earth; or, The Penalty for Failure  1915
21) When Brave Men Tremble; or, The Terror of the Unknown  1915
22) Where Peril Beckons; or, Undaunted by Odds  1915
23) Satan's Apt Pupil; or, Nick Carter's Worthy Foe  1915
24) Outlaws of the Blue; or, The Winged Menace  1917
25) Found in the Jungle; or, A Crime Within a Crime  1917
26) Won by Magic; or, Too Clever to Last  1917
27) The Man They Held Back; or, The Queerest Crime on Record  1917
28) The Sultan's Pearls; or, Robbing Nature  1917
29) The Crossed Needles  1917
30) The Yellow Label; or, The Drive Against Crime (with Samuel C. Spalding)  1917