John Milne

John Milne was born in Bermondsey, south London. He currently lives in Bradwell on Sea, Essex. He left school at sixteen and worked as a busdriver, and as a policeman. He has written scripts for several television series and in 1998, he won an Edgar Award for an episode of Silent Witness. He is the creator of 'Jimmy Jenner', a retired cop in London.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Jimmy Jenner' Novels
 1) Daddy's Girl  1982
 2) Dead Birds  1986
 3) Shadow Play (Also published as: The Moody Man [1988])  1987
 4) Alive and Kicking  1998
Other Novels
 1) Tyro  1982
 2) London Fields  1983
 3) Out of the Blue  1985