Corinne Holt Sawyer

Corinne Holt Sawyer was born in Minnesota. She currently lives in Clemson, South Carolina. She worked for many years in Radio and Television, teaching, writing and while at WNCT-TV in Greenville (NC), serving as director of broadcasting. She is the creator of 'Angela Benbow and Caledonia Wingate', amateur sleuths residing in a California retirement home.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The J. Alfred Prufrock Murders  1987
 2) Murder in Gray and White  1989
 3) Murder by Owl Light  1992
 4) The Peanut Butter Murders  1993
 5) Murder Has No Calories  1994
 6) Ho-Ho Homicide  1995
 7) The Geezer Factory Murders  1996
 8) Murder Ole!  1997