Donna Lea Simpson
Pseudonyms: Amanda Cooper and Victoria Hamilton

Donna Lea Simpson lives in Canada. She also writes historical romances. She is the creator of:
1. 'Lady Anne Addison', an amateur sleuth in 18th century Cornwall.
2. 'Merry Muffin Mystery' series featuring Merry Winter, an expert muffin baker (under the pseudonym 'Victoria Hamilton').
3. 'Teapot Collector Mystery' series featuring Sophie Taylor, caretaker of her grandmother's restaurant, Auntie Rose's Victorian Tearoom, in Gracious Grove, New York (under the pseudonym 'Amanda Cooper').
4. 'Vintage Kitchen Mystery' series featuring Jaymie Leighton, a collector of vintage pieces (under the pseudonym 'Victoria Hamilton').
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Lady Anne Addison' Novels
 1) Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark (Reissued in 2019; as by Victoria Hamilton])  2009
 2) Lady Anne and the Ghost's Revenge (Also published as: Revenge of the Barbary Ghost [2019; as by Victoria Hamilton])  2009
 3) Lady Anne and the Gypsy Curse (Also published as: Curse of the Gypsy [2019; as by Victoria Hamilton])  2009
 4) Lady Anne and the Menacing Mystic (as Victoria Hamilton)  2020
 'Merry Muffin Mystery' Novels (as 'Victoria Hamilton')
 1) Bran New Death  2013
 2) Muffin But Murder  2014
 3) Death of an English Muffin  2015
 4) Much Ado About Muffin  2016
 5) Muffin to Fear  2017
 6) Muffin But Trouble  2019
 7) Double or Muffin  2021
 'Teapot Collector Mystery' Novels (as 'Amanda Cooper')
 1) Tempest in a Teapot  2014
 2) Shadow of a Spout  2015
 3) The Grim Steeper  2016
 'Vintage Kitchen Mystery' Novels (as 'Victoria Hamilton')
 1) A Deadly Grind  2012
 2) Bowled Over  2013
 3) Freezer I'll Shoot  2013
 4) No Mallets Intended  2014
 5) White Colander Crime  2015
 6) Leave It to Cleaver  2017
 7) No Grater Danger  2018
 8) Breaking the Mould  2018
 9) Cast Iron Alibi  2019
 Other Novels (as 'Victoria Hamilton')
 1) A Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder  2019