Andy Straka

Andy Straka was born in Norwich, New York. He currently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with his family. He worked in publishing and medical sales before becoming a writer. He is the creator of 'Frank Pavlicek', a former NYPD detective turned private investigator. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Frank Pavlicek' Novels
 1) A Witness Above  2001
 2) A Killing Sky  2002
 3) A Cold Quarry (Shamus Award)  2003
 4) Kitty Hitter (Also published as: A Night Falconer [2013])  2009
 5) Flightfall (novella)  2011
 6) The K Street Hunting Society  2014
 Other Novels
 1) Record of Wrongs  2008
 2) The Blue Hallelujah  2011
 3) Dragonflies (with Nelson Durrell)  2015