Peter Temple

Peter Temple was born in South Africa. In 1980, he moved to Australia as a journalist. He worked as a journalist and editor for newspapers and magazines in several countries. In 1995, he became a self-employed editor and full-time writer. He is the creator of 'Jack Irish', a private investigator in Melbourne.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Jack Irish' Novels
 1) Bad Debts (Ned Kelly Award)  1996
 2) Black Tide  1998
 3) Dead Point (Ned Kelly Award)  2000
 4) White Dog (Ned Kelly Award)  2003
Other Novels
 1) An Iron Rose  1998
 2) Shooting Star (Ned Kelly Award)  1999
 3) In the Evil Day (Also published as: Identity Theory [2004])  2002
 4) The Broken Shore (Colin Roderick Award, Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award, Ned Kelly Award)  2005
 5) Truth (Miles Franklin Award)  2009