Michaela Thompson
Pseudonym: Mickey Friedman

Michaela Thompson Friedman grew up on the Gulf Coast in the Northwest Florida Panhandle. She currently lives in New York City with her husband, Alan Friedman. She has worked as a newspaper reporter and a freelance journalist. She is the creator of 'Georgia Lee Maxwell', a Florida transplant working as a magazine correspondent in France (under the pseudonym 'Mickey Friedman'). All her novels have been republished as by Michaela Thompson.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Georgia Lee Maxwell' Novels (as 'Mickey Friedman')
 1) Magic Mirror (UK Title: Deadly Reflections [1989])  1988
 2) A Temporary Ghost  1989
 Other Novels
 1) Heat Lightning (e-book)  2017
 Other Novels (as 'Mickey Friedman')
 1) Hurricane Season  1983
 2) The Fault Tree  1984
 3) Paper Phoenix  1986
 4) Venetian Mask  1987
 5) Riptide  1994