Heather Webber
Pseudonym: Heather Blake

Heather Webber lives in southwestern Ohio with her husband and their three children. She also writes under the pseudonym 'Heather Blake'. She is the creator of:
1. 'Lucy Valentine', the owner of a Boston-based matchmaking company.
2. 'Nina Quinn', a landscape artist and amateur sleuth in Ohio.
3. 'Magic Potion Mystery' series featuring Carly Bell, owner of Little Shop of Potions (under the pseudonym 'Heather Blake').
4. 'Wishcraft Mystery' series featuring Darcy Merriweather, a Wishcrafter (a witch who can grant wishes for others) in Salem, Massachusetts (under the pseudonym 'Heather Blake').
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Lucy Valentine' Novels
 1) Truly, Madly  2010
 2) Deeply, Desperately  2010
 3) Absolutely, Positively  2011
 4) Perfectly Matched  2012
 5) Undeniably Yours  2014
'Nina Quinn' Novels
 1) A Hoe Lot of Trouble  2004
 2) Trouble in Spades  2005
 3) Digging Up Trouble  2006
 4) Trouble in Bloom  2007
 5) Weeding Out Trouble  2008
 6) Trouble Under the Tree  2012
 7) The Root of All Trouble  2013
'Magic Potion Mystery' Novels (as 'Heather Blake')
 1) A Potion to Die For  2013
 2) One Potion in the Grave  2014
 3) Ghost of a Potion  2015
'Wishcraft Mystery' Novels (as 'Heather Blake')
 1) It Takes a Witch  2012
 2) A Witch Before Dying  2012
 3) The Good, the Bad, and the Witchy  2013
 4) The Goodbye Witch  2014
 5) Some Like It Witchy  2015
 6) Gone With the Witch  2016
 7) The Witch and the Dead  2016
 8) To Catch a Witch  2018
 9) A Witch to Remember  2019