Michael Allen
Pseudonyms: Michael Bradford and Patrick Read

Michael Derek Allen was educated at Oundle School, Queens' College, Cambridge, and the University of Bath. He has had a career in education, first as a teacher and then as a university administrator at the University of Bath. In 1996, he retired from education and became a full-time writer and publisher. He now owns a small press, Kingsfield Publications. He is the creator of 'Ben Spence', a Detective Superintendent. He also writes under the pseudonyms 'Michael Bradford' and 'Patrick Read'.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Ben Spence' Novels
 1) Spence in Petal Park (US Title: Spence and the Holiday Murders [1978])  1977
 2) Spence at the Blue Bazaar  1979
 3) Spence at Marlby Manor  1982
Other Novels
 1) No Holds Barred  1989
As 'Michael Bradford'
 1) Counter-Coup  1980
As 'Patrick Read'
 1) Beautiful Lady  2002
 2) The Suppression of Vice  2003