Libi Astaire

Libi Astaire lives in Jerusalem, Israel. She writes about Jewish history, archeology, and art for Mishpacha Magazine. She is the creator of the 'Jewish Regency Mystery' series featuring Ezra Melamed, a wealthy widower and amateur sleuth in Regency London. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Jewish Regency Mystery' Novels
 1) The Disappearing Dowry (prequel to the series)  2010
 2) The Ruby Spy Ring (prequel to the series)  2011
 3) Tempest in the Tea Room  2012
 4) The Doppelganger's Dance  2013
 5) Too Many Coins (e-story)  2013
 6) General Well'ngone in Love (e-story)  2014
 7) The Moon Taker  2015
 8) The Vanisher Variations  2016
 9) Matzah Mia!  2020
10) The Wreck of Two Brothers  2020
Other Novels
 1) Jewish Regency Mystery Stories (short stories)  2015
 2) The Latke in the Library & Other Mystery Stories (short stories)  2016