Anthony Berkeley
Pseudonyms: Francis Iles and A. Monmouth Platts

Anthony Berkeley Cox was born in Watford, Hertfordshire. He was educated at a day school in Watford and at Sherborne College, Wessex. He went to University College, Oxford where he obtained a Classics degree. When the First World War broke out, he enlisted and attained the rank of lieutenant. He came out of the war with his health permanently impaired due to being gassed in France. In 1917, he married Margaret Fearnley Farrar. They divorced in 1931. Cox spent time in several occupations including real-estate dealing. He was a director of Publicity Services Ltd and one of the directors of A.B. Cox Ltd. In 1932, he married Helen Peters but the marriage broke down in the late Forties. Apart from crime fiction, he also wrote humorous sketches, comic operas, fantasies and political analysis. He wrote under his own name and under the pseudonyms 'Francis Iles' and 'A. Monmouth Platts'. In 1925 he created 'Roger Sheringham', an amateur sleuth.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Roger Sheringham' Novels
 1) The Layton Court Mystery  1925
 2) The Wychford Poisoning Case  1926
 3) The Vane Mystery (Also published as: Roger Sheringham and the Vane Mystery [1927]) (US Title: The Mystery at Lover's Cave [1927])  1927
 4) The Silk Stocking Murders  1928
 5) The Poisoned Chocolates Case  1929
 6) The Second Shot  1930
 7) Top Storey Murder (US Title: Top Story Murder [1931])  1931
 8) Murder in the Basement  1932
 9) Jumping Jenny (US Title: Dead Mrs. Stratton [1933])  1933
10) Panic Party (US Title: Mr. Pidgeon's Island [1934])  1934
Other Novels
 1) The Piccadilly Murder  1929
 2) Trial and Error  1937
 3) Not to Be Taken (US Title: A Puzzle in Poison [1938])  1938
 4) Death in the House  1939
As 'A.B. Cox'
 1) The Wintringham Mystery  1926
 2) Mr Priestley's Problem: An Extravaganza in Crime (US Title: The Amateur Crime [1928])  1927
As 'Francis Iles'
 1) Malice Aforethought: the Story of a Commonplace Crime  1931
 2) Before the Fact  1932
 3) As for the Woman  1939
As 'A. Monmouth Platts'
 1) Cicely Disappears (Revised edition of: The Wintringham Mystery)  1927