Christianna Brand
Pseudonyms: Mary Anne Ashe and China Thompson

Pseudonym of Mary Christianna Milne Lewis. She was born in Malaya and spent her early years in India. She had a number of different occupations, including model, dancer, shop assistant and governess. She is the creator of Inspector Cockrill of the Kent County Police. She also wrote under the pseudonyms 'Mary Anne Ashe' and 'China Thompson'.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Inspector Cockrill' Novels
 1) Heads You Lose  1941
 2) Green for Danger  1945
 3) Suddenly at His Residence (US Title: The Crooked Wreath [1946])  1947
 4) Death of a Jezebel  1949
 5) London Particular (US Title: Fog of Doubt [1953])  1952
 6) Tour de Force  1955
Other Novels
 1) Death in High Heels  1941
 2) Cat and Mouse  1950
 3) What Dread Hand? (short stories)  1968
 4) Brand X (short stories)  1974
 5) The Honey Harlot  1978
 6) The Rose in Darkness  1979
 7) The Brides of Aberdar  1982
 8) Buffet for Unwelcome Guests (short stories)  1983
As 'Mary Anne Ashe'
 1) Alas for Her That Met Me!  1976
 2) A Ring of Roses  1977
As 'China Thompson'
 1) Starrbelow (Also published as: Starr-Below [1979])  1958