Julia Buckley

Julia Buckley has taught high school English for twenty-eight years. She lives in a Chicago suburb with her husband. She is the creator of:
1. 'Hungarian Tea House Mystery' series featuring Hana Keller who runs the family owned Maggie's Tea House.
2. 'Madeline Mann', a small-town reporter.
3. 'Theodora "Teddy" Thurber', an English teacher and amateur sleuth.
4. 'Undercover Dish Mystery' series featuring Lilah Drake, a caterer and amateur sleuth.
5. 'Writer's Apprentice Mystery' series featuring Lena London, an aspiring writer and amateur sleuth.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Hungarian Tea House Mystery' Novels
 1) Death in a Budapest Butterfly  2019
 2) Death of a Wandering Wolf  2020
 3) Death on the Night of Lost Lizards  2021
'Madeline Mann' Novels
 1) Madeline Mann  2007
 2) Lovely, Dark and Deep  2008
 3) One Fool at Least (e-book)  2012
'Theodora "Teddy" Thurber' Novels
 1) The Ghosts of Lovely Women  2023
'Undercover Dish Mystery' Novels
 1) The Big Chili  2015
 2) Cheddar Off Dead  2016
 3) Pudding Up with Murder  2017
 4) A Fatal Fettuccine  2021
'Writer's Apprentice Mystery' Novels
 1) A Dark and Stormy Murder  2016
 2) Death in Dark Blue  2017
 3) A Dark and Twisting Path  2018
 4) Death Waits in the Dark  2019
 5) Death with a Dark Red Rose  2020
 6) A Dark and Silent Night (e-story)  2020
Other Novels
 1) The Dark Backward  2006
 2) The Ghosts of Lovely Women (e-book)  2011
 3) Ginevra Bond (e-book)  2012