Julia Buckley

Julia Buckley has taught high school English for twenty-eight years. She lives near Chicago. She is the creator of:
1. 'Hungarian Tea House Mystery' series featuring Hana Keller who runs the family owned Maggie's Tea House.
2. 'Madeline Mann', a small-town reporter.
3. 'Undercover Dish Mystery' series featuring Lilah Drake, a caterer and amateur sleuth.
4. 'Writer's Apprentice Mystery' series featuring Lena London, an aspiring writer and amateur sleuth.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Hungarian Tea House Mystery' Novels
 1) Death in a Budapest Butterfly  2019
 2) Death of a Wandering Wolf  2020
'Madeline Mann' Novels
 1) Madeline Mann  2007
 2) Lovely, Dark and Deep  2008
 3) One Fool at Least (e-book)  2012
'Undercover Dish Mystery' Novels
 1) The Big Chili  2015
 2) Cheddar Off Dead  2016
 3) Pudding Up with Murder  2017
'Writer's Apprentice Mystery' Novels
 1) A Dark and Stormy Murder  2016
 2) Death in Dark Blue  2017
 3) A Dark and Twisting Path  2018
 4) Death Waits in the Dark  2019
 5) Death with a Dark Red Rose  2020
Other Novels
 1) The Dark Backward  2006
 2) The Ghosts of Lovely Women (e-book)  2011
 3) Ginevra Bond (e-book)  2012