Bernice Carey

Bernice Carey was born in Chetek, Wisconsin. She was an author and playwright. In 1928, she married Walter Haynes Fitch, a mechanical engineer who worked in the California oil industry. In 1942, they divorced and she married Dick Martin, a high school history teacher. Her novels are all set in California.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) The Reluctant Murderer  1949
 2) The Body on the Sidewalk  1950
 3) The Man Who Got Away with It  1950
 4) The Beautiful Stranger  1951
 5) The Missing Heiress  1952
 6) The Three Widows  1952
 7) Their Nearest and Dearest (Also published as: The Frightened Widow [abridged version 1954])  1953
 8) The Fatal Picnic  1955