Cassandra Clark

Cassandra Clark spent her childhood in Yorkshire but she now lives and works in London. She is a playwright and novelist. She is the creator of 'An Abbess of Meaux Mystery' series featuring Hildegard of Meaux, sleuth, spy and now an abbess of the powerful Cistercian order in the time of Richard II. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 1) Hangman Blind  2008
 2) The Red Velvet Turnshoe (Also published as: The Velvet Turnshoe [2013])  2009
 3) The Law of Angels  2011
 4) A Parliament of Spies  2012
 5) The Dragon of Handale  2013
 6) The Butcher of Avignon (e-book)  2014
 7) The Scandal of the Skulls (e-book)  2016
 8) The Alchemist of Netley Abbey  2017
 9) Murder at Meaux (e-book)  2018
10) Murder at Whitby Abbey  2019