Hy Conrad

Hy Conrad is an author, game designer, and TV producer, best know for his work on the TV series Monk. He continued the 'Monk' series started by Lee Goldberg. He is the creator of the 'Amy's Travel Mystery' series featuring Amy and Fanny Abel, a mother-and-daughter team of travel agents who organize mystery tours. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Adrian Monk' Novels
 1) Mr. Monk Helps Himself  2013
 2) Mr. Monk Gets on Board  2014
 3) Mr. Monk Is Open for Business  2014
 4) Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant  2015
 'Amy's Travel Mystery' Novels
 1) Rally 'Round the Corpse (Also published as: Toured to Death [2015])  2012
 2) Dearly Departed  2016
 3) Death on the Patagonian Express  2016