Kit Crumb

Kit Crumb lives in Ashland, Oregon with his partner. He has worked as an EMT, worked in radio and television, entertained as a professional magician, taught fencing, and scuba diving. He is the creator of:
1. 'Ghost Detective' series featuring different dead veteran detectives.
2. 'Joanna Bright', an amateur sleuth in Dungeness Bay, Oregon.
3. 'M' series featuring Mary Margaret Malmstrom, a private investigator in Dungeness Bay, Oregon.
4. 'Rye and Claire Adventure' series featuring Rye and Claire Anderson, owners and operators of a private ambulance service in Ashland, Oregon.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Ghost Detective' Novels
 1) Ghost Detectives: The Case of the Stolen Infants (e-book)  2016
 2) Ghost Detectives: A Wolf in Priest's Clothing (e-book)  2016
 3) Ghost Detectives: The Nursery Rhyme Murders (e-book)  2016
 4) Ghost Detective: Pool of Tears (e-book)  2016
 5) Ghost Detective: Death in the Shadows (e-book)  2016
'Joanna Bright' Novels
 1) Storm Front  2022
 2) Double Exposure  2022
 3) The Misty Dawn  2022
 4) Death in the Dark  2022
 5) The Cargo (e-book)  2023
'M' Novels
 1) Retribution (e-book)  2010
 2) Project Deepwater (e-book)  2016
 3) White Slave Treasure (e-book)  2016
'Rye and Claire Adventure' Novels
 1) Body Parts  2009
 2) The Camp (e-book)  2015
 3) Sins of the Father  2015
 4) Body of Evidence (e-book)  2016
 5) Altered (e-book)  2016
Other Novels
 1) Cutter's Legacy and the Search for Yamashita's Gold (e-book)  2013
 2) Time Ripper (e-book)  2015
 3) Urban Legend: The Dream Master (e-book)  2016
 4) Urban Legend: The Ghost Forest (e-book)  2016
 5) Urban Legend: The Haunting of Langdon Hall (e-book)  2017