Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis was born in Massachusetts. She currently lives in Florida with her husband. She is an author and freelance editor. She is the creator of:
1. 'Angie Deacon', a former ER nurse and now co-owner of Alton Bay New Hampshire's community theater.
2. 'Smith and Westen' series featuring Phoebe Smith and Westen Hughes, insurance investigators in New England.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Angie Deacon' Novels
 1) A Little Murder  2009
 2) Play with Fire (Also published as: Checkmate: Murder [2013])  2009
 3) Hair of the Dog  2010
 4) Dying to Teach (Also published as: Drama Queen [2013])  2011
 5) Rest in Pieces  2012
 6) Stone Cold Sober (Also published as: No Stone Unturned [2018])  2015
 'Smith and Westen' Novels
 1) On the Hook  2014
 2) Just Smashing  2015
 3) Two Million Reasons  2015
 Other Novels
 1) Voice from the Ashes (Also published as: Murder Beyond Reason [2012])  2006
 2) A Page from the Past (Also published as: Running from the Past [2018])  2008
 3) Final Masquerade (Also published as: Take the Money and Run [2013])  2008
 4) Lethal Dose of Love (Also published as: Poison in the Wind [2018])  2011
 5) Chasing Revenge  2018