Denise Dietz

Denise Dietz Wiley lives on Vancouver Island, Canada with her husband. She also writes historical romances under the pseudonym 'Mary Ellen Dennis'. She is the creator of the 'Diet Club Mystery' series featuring Ellie Bernstein and Peter Miller, a diet group leader and a homicide lieutenant in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Diet Club Mystery' Novels
 1) Throw Darts at a Cheesecake  1992
 2) Beat Up a Cookie  1994
 3) Chain a Lamb Chop to the Bed  2005
 4) Strangle a Loaf of Italian Bread  2009
 Other Novels
 1) Dream Dancer  1997
 2) Footprints in the Butter  1999
 3) Fifty Cents for Your Soul  2002
 4) Eye of Newt  2004
 5) Hallie's Comet  2004
 6) Soap Bubbles  2010
 7) An Almost Purr-Fect Murder (e-story)  2012
 8) Annie and the Grateful Dead (e-story)  2014