Rex Dolphin
Pseudonyms: Nicola Devon, Desmond Reid (house name), Peter Saxon (house name), Julie Wellsley (house name) and Richard Williams (house name)

Reginald Charles Dolphin was born in Pershore, Worcestershire. He was an accountant and author. Several of his novels feature 'Sexton Blake', a detective modelled on Sherlock Holmes. See also this list for other Sexton Blake authors.


Titles and year of publication:

 'Sexton Blake' Novels
 1) Guilty Party  1959
 2) Stop Press – Homicide!  1959
 3) Walk in the Shadows  1959
 4) The World Shakers (as 'Desmond Reid')  1960
 5) Some Died Laughing!  1960
 6) The Devil to Pay  1961
 7) Trouble Is My Name  1961
 8) Speak Ill of the Dead (as 'Richard Williams')  1963
 9) Murder Goes Nap  1966
10) The Trial of the Golden Girl  1967
11) Driven to Kill  1969
 Other Novels
 1) Ride the Man Down  1967
 As 'Nicola Devon'
 1) House of Illusion  1969
 As 'Peter Saxon'
 1) The Vampires of Finistere  1970
 As 'Julie Wellsley'
 1) The Castle on the Mountain  1972